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Stoicism and Philosophy for Wellbeing Courses

Stoicism & the Art of Living: Universal Nature, God and Fate [three week course]

23rd January until 6th February 2023.  Mondays 7pm until 8.30pm [19:00 until 20:30 UTC] 

In contrast with the Judeo-Christian view, the Stoics were materialists: they believed that there is just one type of thing that makes up the universe.  In this course we will explore the Stoic belief that everything that happens is fated to happen, as well as the Stoic idea that God, fate and the universe are in reality the same thing.

What is Stoicism? [talk]

Thursday 2nd February 2023. 1pm until 3pm [13:00 until 15:00 UTC] 

Stoicism is often misunderstood as languishing through life without complaint. In this taster course, we will see how thinkers such as Seneca, Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius confronted one of the key questions of the ancient world: ‘How should we live?’ and supplied us with pragmatic ways in which to flourish.

Stoicism & the Art of Living: Living in Society [three week course]

13th February until 6th March 2023. 

Mondays 7pm until 8.30pm [19:00 until 20:30 UTC] 

In the Stoic’s search for serenity, they did not choose to isolate themselves on a distant mountain top, but rather to embrace the challenges of urban life as a way to achieve their goal.  This course we will consider the Stoic account of why people act as they do, explore how we can accept and work with other people who’s views and goals may differ from our own, whilst at the same time maintaining our equanimity.

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