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Stoicism and Philosophy for Wellbeing
Day Courses

Stoicism and the Art of Living [two day course]

Wednesday 1st & Wednesday 8th March 2023. 10am until 3pm.

[Guildford, Surrey]

In this practical philosophy course, we will acquaint ourselves with the Stoic teachers Zeno and Epictetus. Firstly, we will explore what is ‘good’, the Stoic ‘virtues’ and the Stoic concept of ‘indifferents’. 

Secondly, we will explore what is within and what is beyond our control, and consider whether we can control the actions of others. Lastly, we will contemplate whether awareness of the limits of control can help us attain serenity.

Philosophy as a Guide to Life: Tragic Virtues - Part Two

Saturday 11th March 2023. 10.30am until 2.45pm.

[Corbridge, Northumberland]

In this day course we will continue to explore ‘Tragic Virtues’.  In the first session, Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard will help us to understand subjective ‘responsibility’, in the second session the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy will help us to see the truth in ‘stories’, and in the final session the American poet Emily Dickinson will help us to believe in the value of doubt and ‘uncertainty’. 

Stoicism & the Art of Living: Impermanence, Loss and Death

Saturday 25th March 2023. 11am until 4pm.


The Stoics accepted that death, our own and that of others, was an inevitable part of life.  Their acceptance of death is rooted in their world view that change and transformation are desirable and necessary.  This course we will explore the Stoic techniques for understanding death, such as Marcus Aurelius’ notion of a ‘cosmic perspective’, seeing things as they truly are, and learning to face our own departure from life with equanimity.

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