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“The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men”

- Plato  -


In 2006 I attended my first adult education class in philosophy, taught by an inspiring teacher by the name of Michael Travers.  I had no idea what to expect but was enraptured from the very beginning.  During this course I was introduced to a new world of ideas and literature, as well as being fortunate enough to meet many wonderful and like-minded people.   The group discussed, debated, then continued these dialogues at that age old forum of philosophy, the ale house.  I had discovered a whole world I had never even known existed.  Many of us from that course have remained friends, meeting at a monthly philosophy group, hosting occasional film nights and arranging an annual meal at a local restaurant, where we share what we have done and discuss what we have read.  Several have also attended subsequent classes in philosophy and literature, to continue those debates and develop their insights further still.


So inspired was I with this journey of intellectual discovery, that I have since become a teacher myself.  Seven years into writing and delivering my own philosophy and literature courses, as well as creative writing workshops, I have endeavoured to recreate the environment which afforded me such pleasure, so that others might gain the same intellectual and social pleasures as I did, attending those classes fourteen years ago.  


I hope you enjoy looking through the Philosophy and Literature courses, and Creative Writing workshops, on offer on this website and perhaps you too will be inspired to come along and continue your journey of intellectual discovery.

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